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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why Choose ListedFirst.US for my SEO and marketing?

Finding the RIGHT SEO Company is vital to your business’s online success. Choosing an SEO service to represent your company’s website is an important decision and can be a difficult process. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind while you make a decision.

1. US-Based and Owned Company. Our SEO marketing, web design, and hosting solutions team are all local employees. We never outsource.

2. Our Experience: We have over decal of experience in internet SEO marketing, web design, and hosting solutions. Providing local and nationwide search engine optimization – performance, rankings, results, guaranteed! We can easily say that 95% of our clients are on the first page of Google and Yahoo Local! Can your existing SEO company say that?

3. Our Prices: The best, most affordable organic search engine optimization pricing in the industry, with proven results! All backed by our money back guarantee.

4. Our Current Clients: Check with us to see where our current clients are ranking… they are dominating the search results! You can feel comfortable working with us because we can show you what we have done for others.

5. Communication: We are very responsive to your needs and clearly communicate the status of your SEO campaign. Our SEO team is flexible and easy going, always putting the clients needs FIRST!

6. Honesty: We are completely honest and up front with you. If we don’t think that your business is a good candidate for SEO we will simply tell you. We have many types of SEO, social media, email marketing, and PPC campaigns to choose from but we won’t take your money unless we think that we can make you money. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantees with all of our services. If you are unhappy for ANY reason, we will do what it takes to make the situation right!

Q: What kind of companies do you work with?

A: Start ups and small business is our specialty; we try to deliver big agency results at small business pricing. From healthcare and high tech software companies to legal, education, retail companies and more, we help businesses across many industries across the country.

Q: Do you offer a “trial” or “pilot” program?

A: Month to month pricing allows you to test out any of our services, but yearly pricing will always provide the most savings. Online marketing is an investment and anyone who tells you that you’ll “double traffic in 30 days” isn’t building with sustainable & ‘white hat’ methods. You will see results, but how high of an ROI and how long you’ll have to wait for it is different for every website.

Q: How does your pricing work?

A: Every client is different and therefore the services they need are going to be different, but generally speaking pricing ranges from several thousand to as low as a few hundred per month depending on the service and marketing campaigns you decide upon.

Q: It’s been a week, where’s my website!

A: While results often come early, it can take several weeks for your website to hit the first page. This is due to a number of factors, from city size, number of competitors, number of locations etc. Rest assured that your website will start to see an increase in activity.

Q: Wow, my website appeared in 6 days on the first page, but I just checked and I’m not there anymore!

A: You will, without a doubt, see your website rise and fall –sometimes off the first page– as the optimization process continues. This is due to the screening process that search engines use to validate your website as a viable addition to the directory. It’s to ensure that your website is not “spam” or in violation of any of the terms of use. This process is heaviest during the first 30 days, and tends to continue, though at a decelerated rate from days 30-90. Rest assured that the moment your website starts to move, we’re on top of it…gently guiding it along, back up to the first page.

Q: I’ve decided I want to change some things on my website, can I do that?

A: Absolutely. Please keep in mind, however, that some changes can drastically affect the optimized state, resulting in a reset of the optimization time line. Always feel free to contact us with the specific question or concern, and we will individually address the issue, and inform you, before we make the changes, what the repercussions might be.

Q: I wanted to have certain keywords in the title, but you said no, why?

A: There are many ways to optimize websites, one of which is called keyword spamming. What you’ll find with that particular method is a slew of keywords flooding your business name (the main title). An example might be (make the font a little bigger and bolder)

“Toms Heating, Air Conditioning and plumbing contractor, Plumber supplies and service, AC replacement parts, cleaning”

What you see here is an entire “business name” that’s full of different categories as well as multiple keywords. “Heating and Air” are considered their own category, while “plumbing” is a completely separate category. Other words “Supplies, service, cleaning, replacement parts” while excellent helper keywords, when crammed together trigger any number of spam alerts. A website like that may very well rise quickly to the top in most of the keywords, but will undoubtedly get caught, and your business name, phone number and address are now blacklisted.

What we specialize in is quality websites that are so solidly on top, that they will then begin to attract some of the helper keywords, without those keywords even being in the title!

Q: How much do I need to spend if I want to pay for ads on Google?

A: Google prices everything on a cost per click basis, so that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. How much each cost per click is depends on your industry and it’s hard to generalize. Most of our clients start by budgeting between $500 and $1,000/month to spend on Google.

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FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions If You Can't Find the Answers To Your Questions Below, Give Us A Call We Would Love To Hear From You. Q: Why Choose ListedFirst

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